Welcome to V2: Introducing the Drag ‘n Drop Strategy Builder

5 min readMay 16, 2022

Don-key’s V2 launch is coming! Having already revealed the new strategy page, the new profile page, the new dashboard page, and the new institutional tools, it is finally time to highlight V2’s crowning jewel, what will be la Crème de la Crème of retail-ready DeFi: Don-key’s Drag n’ Drop Strategy Builder.

This feature alone will empower Don-key to deliver on its promise to democratize expertise in yield farming by permisionlessly connecting strategy builders and copy farmers, all while delivering a comprehensive and streamlined retail experience.

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V2 is coming, and it is completely unlike anything DeFi has ever seen before.

Introducing The Drag n’ Drop Strategy Builder

When people think of Don-key Finance and its potential to revolutionize DeFI by breaking down the technical barriers to yield farming, they think of the Drag n’ Drop Strategy Builder. Now, with V2, the Drag n’ Drop is ready to deliver on that promise.

It will allow strategy designers to seamlessly create instantly deployable yield farming strategies by stringing together a combination of multi-chain DeFi protocols, farming actions, and token types. All in an intuitive and visual way.

Beyond being unparalleled in ease of use for strategy creation, the Drag ‘n Drop also serves to bring about a wider degree of transparency for community members who want to better understand, question, critique, and suggest feedback for their invested strategies. By being able to see how their funds are routed in real time, they will be in the best position possible to get further involved with yield farming and make informed investment decisions, hence democratizing expertise.

Get Community Feedback

Feedback can always be given on the strategy page once the farm is activated; however, if farmers want to utilize community knowledge before deploying, they can do so by publishing their strategy on the Community Page. Here, farmers can bolster their strategy design using collective wisdom as well as gauge interest in their farm. Both are crucial resources.

Deploy the Strategy on the Pending Page

Farmers that believe their strategy is ready to deploy and generate yield, can go straight ahead and deploy a pending pool by spending a one time Deployment fee in $DON tokens and deploy it on the Pending Pool Page. There, it has 72 hours to accumulate a $50,000 TVL in order to become an official active strategy or it will fail and expire. If expired, anyone who invested can instantly withdraw their funds. Deployment fee is non refundable and acts as a quality control mechanism, and also a reward to successful farmers. 75% of all deployment fees will be distributed to all active farmers based on their “Farmer Score.”

Farmer Score = (Farmer tier + 1) x Investor Count x Dominance in Comparison to the Total Score of All Farmers Combined. Later the score will take into account more factors such as profit % per investors, duration of pool and more.

For example if Farmer Bob’s score is 5000 and the total platform score is 1,000,000 then Bob’s share is 0.5% of all deployment fees paid.

These rewards are vested for 30 days after the day of deployment.

Don-key will periodically change the deployment fee to maintain the following ratio: (Platform TVL / amount of active pools)*0.01%. This is in order to dynamically increase and decrease the entry barrier for new farmers and reward the existing farmers for being able to attract larger amounts of TVL.

The current Deployment fee is (~$5m / 18 pools) * 0.01% = $277 paid in $DON tokens is ~10,000 $DONs.

Maintain the Strategy

As risks and rewards change, farmers can change their strategy design as needed to maintain community interest in their pools — without changing investment token type, and while being faithful to the initial advertised risk tolerance.

To update a strategy, farmers will have to do so in both the strategy questionnaire as well as the visual Drag ‘n Drop.

The full Farmer’s Guide will be released later this week.

Farmer Tokenemics — Tiers

Pool Deployment:

The higher a farmer’s tier the more strategies he or she can deploy. Deploying more pools gives flexibility in earning income because it allows strategy designers to create multiple farms that cater to a wide variety of risk tolerance and token interests — this allows them to maximize their use of the platform and make the most amount of money as a farmer.

The amount of strategies you can launch is determined by Tier level:

Tier 0: Launch 1 Pool
Tier 1: Launch 2 Pools
Tier 2: Launch 3 Pools
Tier 3: Launch 4 Pools
Tier 4: Launch 5 Pools
Tier 5: Launch Unlimited Pools

Deployment fee:

To deploy a pool, farmers must pay a deployment fee in $DON tokens. 75% of all deployment fees will go to active farmers, according to their farmer’s score based off of tier , TVL, investor count and more.

Fee Commission:

Farmers can determine any performance fee and / or exit fee, while Don-key charges the following commissions:

Tier 0: Farmers pay 50%
Tier 1: Farmers pay 47.5%
Tier 2: Farmers pay 45%
Tier 3: Farmers pay 40%
Tier 4: Farmers pay 30%
Tier 5: Farmers pay 25%
God Tier: (Coming Soon) Farmers pay 10%

Deployment Fee Vesting Periods

The rate at which the above deployment fees are distributed to active farmers will also depend on Tiers. The higher a farmer’s Tier, the quicker they will receive their $DON.

Also, worth teasing: The amount of $DON needed to deploy a strategy will also be subjected to the Tier System. Higher Tiers will have to pay a lot less.

God Tier Perk: No Barriers to Farm

For God Tier farmers exclusively, investors will not need to meet the 100 $DON staking requirement. This means that farmers can advertise their farm to followers without asking them to buy any $DON.

In the next tokenomic upgrade, also coming soon, Don-key will introduce a direct correlation between the amount of $DON staked and individual investment quotas. Once implemented, farmers who have God Tier will exempt their investors from Tier related investment ceilings.

Welcome to the Future of DeFi

Don-key V2 and the strategy builder specifically represent the industry’s first major steps in creating retail-ready DeFi. Financial freedom should be easy and accessible to all — and not demand painfully expensive trial and error nor technical genius.

On Launch day, try Don-key’s “dummy” proof yield farming process. Create your own strategies, compete for TVL, and prove your competence as a farmer. In doing so, not only will you build your own riches, but that of your own dedicated community.

About Don-key Finance

Don-key.finance is the only social yield farming platform to democratize expertise in yield farming. Investors need profitable strategies and farmers need extra liquidity — Don-key brings them together in an open-source competition driven marketplace.

With just one-click everyday investors can route their liquidity — in whichever token they chose — through community designed strategies that are updated to chase the highest available APY while minimizing risk.

Competitive Yield Farming is a full-time job; Don-key does it, so you don’t have to.

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