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With Don-key’s V2 in sight, launching on May 16th, it is time to continue the feature series, which will contain dedicated highlights on each of the features that make V2 so revolutionary.

So far, only the strategy page has been covered. You can view it here:


For those who don’t know, the platform will undergo a major transformation and finally begin delivering on its promise to democratize expertise in yield farming. It will do so by permisionlessly connecting strategy builders and copy farmers, all while delivering a comprehensive, and streamlined retail experience.

V2 is coming, and it is completely unlike anything DeFi has ever seen before.

New Profile Page Overview

Like the rest of the Dapp, Don-key’s profile page will be given a complete frontend and backend mega upgrade. Nowhere is this more true than the profile page, which in V1 hardly even existed.

As the social home of DeFi, Don-key’s ability to succeed will depend on its ability to effectively connect farmers and investors. To achieve this, and to help awesome farmers shine, engaging and informational profile pages will be needed.

Profile — Home

At the moment investors first open the new version of the dapp, they will be prompted to create their own social profile. The Home page will feature basic info such as chosen nickname, profile picture, a bio, relevant tags, and also a place to shoutout other social media channels. Beyond this, the Home page will also share important Don-key details, such as date joined, and tier level.

Future features will roll out soon after launch and include investor performance metrics, an activity wall that tracks all platform posts, likes and comments and lastly the ability to follow other investors to track the most knowledgeable.

Profile — Farmer

For users who create strategies, the profile page will also feature a farmer view, which will catalog the farmer’s total TVL, total number of investors, total commission received from all strategies, and all additional $DON rewards received.

Beneath the statistics will also be a breakdown for each active, pending, and brainstorming strategies the farmer has posted.

Investor Dashboard

Beyond public farmer profiles, investors will also be able to get in on the fun. They will be able to choose whether or not to share their copy-farming investments publicly on the dapp, as a means of building credibility with farmers and other investors.

The goal is to connect DeFi investors in a more meaningful way. With the permission of those involved, a new wealth of yield farming data and information will become available to the next generation of farmers.

About Don-key Finance

Don-key.finance is the only social yield farming platform to democratize expertise in yield farming. Investors need profitable strategies and farmers need extra liquidity — Don-key brings them together in an open-source competition driven marketplace.

With just one-click everyday investors can route their liquidity — in whichever token they chose — through professionally designed strategies that are updated to chase the highest available APY while minimizing risk.

Competitive Yield Farming is a full-time job; Don-key does it, so you don’t have to.

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