Welcome to V2: New Institutional Tools

3 min readMay 10, 2022

Don-key’s V2 launch is less than 1 week away, going live on May 16th! To date, the team has only revealed the new strategy page, the new profile page, and the new dashboard page — which frankly hardly hold a candle to the major upgrades that are yet to be revealed.

In these next seven days, four more articles — each better than the last — will be published. They will reveal why the platform’s most exciting leap is in the immediate weeks ahead. Finally, Don-key will deliver on its promise to democratize expertise in yield farming by permisionlessly connecting strategy builders and copy farmers, all while delivering a comprehensive, yet streamlined retail experience.

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V2 is coming, and it is completely unlike anything DeFi has ever seen before.

New Institutional Tools Overview

New Mule Pool Mock UI

Don-key may be a retail-dedicated yield farming product, designed with it’s chief priority to onboard the next generation of first time farmers, but in order to cement itself as a tier one DeFi protocol, it must also secure its weight in institutional adoption.

To succeed at this, Don-key will roll out three initial institutional offerings. They are the Self Launch Mule Pool, the No Loss Donation Farm, and the Transparent Treasury Farm. Going live shortly after V2 does, they will serve as jumping off points from which Don-key’s institutional side will evolve with the platform as it grows in influence.

Self-Launch Mule Pools

Further advancing Don-key’s popular Mule Pool service, the team will cease to act as gatekeepers in choosing which projects get to sign up and participate in it. Now, any team will be empowered to create their own yield farming strategy (utilizing their platform, DEX, bridge, etc) in exchange for dispersing their native token to Don-key stakers.

This is a huge win for both platforms that want to grow their community as well as stakers, who will get to enjoy free token rewards in proportion to how much $DON they stake.

No Loss Donation Farms

Also going live shortly after V2, Don-key is introducing a first-of-its kind donation tool. Called the “No Loss Donation Farm” it will allow Web 3 based charities and DAOs to earn passive income from contributors without taking their funds; only their accumulated yield. It works by allowing depositors to withdraw their loaned funds at any time, while only granting yield access to the charity/DAO.

Taking things one step further, the No Loss Donation tool will allow organizations to incentivize donations by giving out milestone badge NFTs to those who reach predetermined donation milestones. Don-key will provide the infrastructure that makes this possible, while projects must provide their own NFTs.

Transparent Treasury Farms

Lastly, for projects, charities, venture capital firms, and any organization that utilizes a treasury, Don-key will provide the tools through which their communities can more directly vote on how the funds are farmed as well as provide accessible and verifiable transparency.

More concretely, organizations will be able to create their own farms using the Drag and Drop Strategy Builder, as well as select which accounts get to view their strategies, vote on changes, as well as invest/ contribute funds.

Don-key Institutional

These three tools are just the beginning and part of a wider vision of institutional accommodation. In the coming months, after Don-key positions itself as an industry leader within the retail market, it will hone in on expanding and taking over the institutional market as well.

About Don-key Finance

Don-key.finance is the only social yield farming platform to democratize expertise in yield farming. Investors need profitable strategies and farmers need extra liquidity — Don-key brings them together in an open-source competition driven marketplace.

With just one-click everyday investors can route their liquidity — in whichever token they chose — through professionally designed strategies that are updated to chase the highest available APY while minimizing risk.

Competitive Yield Farming is a full-time job; Don-key does it, so you don’t have to.

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