vfat updated version is online

Hello fellow Don-keys,

We are pleased to announce that the updated vfat strategy has been deployed on the Beta DAPP.

Here are some of the updates:

  1. Higher APY (85% vs 80%).
  2. Decreased price impact by directing all swaps to high liquidity pairs only.
  3. Minimized price slippage by limiting the max slippage to 0.5%.
  4. Deposit into the strategy using WBNB. This will save redundant swap fees at entry and exit points.
  5. The UI has been updated so that now you can look at your balance in both the base token WBNB or USD values. This will help emphasize and clarify the exposer to impermanent loss vs the USD profit.

We kindly request you withdraw the funds from the old pool :

If you wish re-deposit in the updated version, you can do so now:

Soon we will launch the X21 strategy which is a stable coin strategy with 30% APY.

Because we have ironed out key infrastructure updates, the team is confident that soon we will be able to launch between 3–4 new strategies every week.

As always we are here for any question.

To the extended Don-key family, we hope you have an amazing weekend.

Don-key Team

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