Jun 6, 2021

2 min read

Updates and plans for the week of 7/6–14/6

This last week was an especially important week for us. We improved the overall infrastructure of our contracts to optimize the efficiency of all transactions. Though it might sound like a little detail, in yield farming, especially with low risk — low APY strategies, efficiency can be the difference between a profit or a loss.

here are some of the updates:

  1. Decrease price impact by directing all swaps to high liquidity pairs only.
  2. Minimize price slippage by limiting the max slippage to 0.5% insuring that anymore then that will result in a transaction failure. Soon we will add a slippage management tool so that each user can decide their own benchmark.
  3. From now on every farmer will determine what base token the followers should enter the strategy with i.e WBNB,BUSD,ETH etc’. This will Save redundant swap fees at entry and exit points.
  4. The UI has been updated so that now you can look at your balance in both the base token (the token the user deposits when entering the strategy) or USD values. this will help emphasize and clarify the exposer to impermanent loss in every strategy vs the USD profit.

Plans for this week:

  1. Re- deploy vfat strategy.
  2. Deploy another 2–3 strategies.
  3. Finalize a strategic partnership with one of the DeFi players.
  4. Release the Tokenomics for the accelerated Don-key APY plan that will be launched soon.

We would like to thank our community for all the support and wish every one a Don-key week.