Scallop Will Integrate Don-key Copy Farming

Don-key is thrilled to announce another integration-related partnership: Scallop, an innovative fintech ecosystem seeking to replace traditional banks, will offer Don-key’s low risk BUSD strategy directly within their DeFi powered asset management platform.

This partnership represents another big step in the growth of Don-key’s B2B expansion in which external protocols route their liquidity through Don-key to make the most of the platform’s adaptive yield farming services.

Scallop’s passionate community across Europe will get to enjoy the benefits and easy use of one-click copy farming. Their users will simply deposit BUSD through their hybrid CeFi/DeFi fiat-integrated platform, and reap a sustainable APY maintained between 15–30% by Don-key’s team of professional yield farmers.

Beyond the exposure that this will bring to Don-key, the strategic partnership with Scallop represents a crucial milestone for Don-key and for DeFi in general. Their support will help us on our mission to make versatile yield farming accessible to all. By spreading its availability from Don-key’s ecosystem to theirs, Scallop is participating in an important shift in displacing traditional overwrought financial institutions.

Scallop CEO Raj Bagadi commented: “Our goal is to offer the best of both worlds by offering people the benefits of decentralized asset ownership without compromising the simplicity of institutional infrastructure. Through Don-key, we are better positioned to do just that and hopefully onboard an entire new segment into the DeFi revolution.”

About Scallop

Scallop is an innovative fintech project with a robust set of DeFi and banking products. The project aims to bridge traditional and decentralized financial worlds and promote the use of DeFi products in managing crypto and fiat assets in a single place.

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About Don-key Finance is building the first social trading platform for yield farming, bringing together liquidity providers and yield farmers alike. For this reason, the community refers to Don-key as the eToro of Yield Farming, which is a title the team embraces wholeheartedly.

The goal of the platform is to eliminate yield farming’s infamous complexity and replace it with a seamless retail experience, streamlined to offer the most profitable and adaptive product on the market.

With just one-click users can route their liquidity — in whichever token they chose — through professionally designed strategies that are updated to chase the highest available APY while minimizing risk.

Competitive Yield Farming is a full-time job; Don-key does it, so you don’t have to.

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social trading meets yield farming

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social trading meets yield farming

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