Introducing Matic Farming

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Today, the team delivers the first of many to come, highly sought after Matic strategies. Those in the Beta can now deposit wMatic through the Polygon interface into farmer Nickbtts’ liquidity pool. With a very healthy APY, copy-farmers will earn an additional 26% on top of matic’s market appreciation — with the only caveat being potential impermanent loss caused by price volatility between Ethereum and Matic. Being a layer two solution, that augments Ethereum’s overall utility and scalability, Matic impermanent loss may be limited by the two tokens’ symbiosis.

The new Matic strategy is farmer Nickbtts’ first foray onto the Don-key platform. He introduces himself through his bio:

“When it comes to yield farming, my motto is “Becoming wealthy is a long term play.” My approach is one of risk minimization, although based on macro conditions, I am open to more aggressive farming strategies. Generally, I farm as a way of balancing the risk of holding assets within a portfolio, whilst making a move out of the market more palatable. To achieve this, I look to USD/EUR stablecoin or delta-neutral positions to generate the best possible yield for the part of your portfolio not market exposed. My balanced approach reflects the discipline I learned as a military pilot, along with the resourcefulness I picked up as a crypto venture capitalist.”

Development Updates

Since the last update, beyond creating Polygon backend infrastructure, the development team has implemented a key new UI improvement designed to provide users with even more investment information.

All wallets invested in each strategy as well as their investment date, initial deposit, and amount gained or lost are now public to investors. The goal here is to back up the potential earnings of each strategy with specific data.

What the Future Holds

As we approach the release of the DApp, the Don-key team has a lot of surprises in store, including: Expanded token utility, strategic partnerships, generous community rewards, and of course, new and improved farming strategies.

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