Introducing Don-key’s Referral System
3 min readJul 26, 2021


Hello Don-keys,

Today is an exciting day for the community because the team is announcing a referral system designed to award all evangelizers of Don-key’s one-click copy farming.

Starting on the day of the DApp’s release (in August,) users will be able to earn 5% profit commission from all users they refer, from the day of referral for two years after.

To participate, simply go to your favorite strategy and click the “share and earn button.”

After clicking that button, the user can create a shareable link for the strategy, which can be shared by the user anywhere — on social media, or through direct message.

We encourage you to shout from the rooftops about Don-key, and get rewarded for it: Post on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord, and tell everyone you can about the magic of sleek and effortless yield farming. They’ll profit and so will you!

Importantly, your chunk of earnings will not come at the expense of your referrals, but from the amount that would normally be taken as platform fees.

For influencers, this too presents an amazing opportunity to share Don-key with your audience, When a referred user invests, you will earn DON rewards equal to 5% of the profit earned by your referrals at the time of their profit taking.

Once an investor withdraws their funds from the referred strategy, the original user will no longer earn DON rewards from that investor even if they invest again in that strategy in the future.

To track your referrals and their earnings, simply navigate to the “My Referrals” tab. From there you can see both accumulated DON Rewards as well as withdrawable funds from the listed amount of all your referrals.

Because the DApp is currently in its last couple weeks of Beta, the referral system will be actionable on the day of the public release.

The goal here is to award early community members for their support of the platform and Don-key’s shared vision of accessible yield farming.

Through Don-key, retail investors can take advantage of DeFi profitability, while simultaneously supporting the wonderful decentralized economy. Each community member is playing a crucial part in the ecosystem, and for that they deserve to be rewarded.

Thank you,

The Don-key Team