How Many Dollars Has Yield Farming Contributed to The Crypto Ecosystem?

The Concept of Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized Finance (also called DeFi) is a general term for various financial applications in blockchain or cryptocurrency, which aims to disrupt financial intermediaries.

Who benefits from Yield Farming?

It is clear the first set of people who will benefit from yield farming, the investor. An investor lends their money to the platform, and they receive tokens for their investment.

50B USD total value locked at TOP 5 Defi Projects

The number of yield farming platforms and decentralized protocols grows daily with the total value locked at the top 5 DEFI projects reaching 50B USD lately according to Defi Pulse.

Don-Key Finance to boost yield farming exposure

With Don-Key finance, investors are able to join expert yield farmers for better profits.



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