Don-key October- Starting to feel like home Pt.1

Welcome, welcome follow Don-keys to this week’s bi-monthly platform update!

While the team knows how important the referral program is to the community, unfortunately it must be delayed until the middle of the month, so that the team can prioritize a series of UI/UX updates that will facilitate a more seamless onboarding experience for new platform users.

Updates Just Installed

1) Users can now enter the dapp without having to sign their wallet, which allows them to take a peek and see all important data metrics, like number of investors, TVL, and APY per strategy as easy and trustless as possible.

This also means that users no longer need to switch networks to view the stats within each farm.

2) The Connect Wallet integration is now live, which opens Don-key to an astounding 82 new wallets. Read here, for the entire list.

Also, users can now actively disconnect from Don-key, instead of just waiting for their wallet login to timeout.

3) To bring more dynamism to the “My Investment” page, a new “i” icon will show the investment amount, total profit, and cycle in order to better explain how each profits in USD and base token are calculated.

4) Of course, any mention of UI improvements would be incomplete without mention of mobile updates. This week, Don-key’s developers have designed a host of new updates; one of which includes a side drop down menu that streamline the platform’s navigation and also grants immediate access to Don-key’s Twitter and Telegram for a more rounded experience.

5) Lastly, Don-key has revitalized it’s FAQ section, and with the help of community member, Cheeseburglar, has also begun to rollout tutorials and educational content. This quarter, the team intends to expand these initial efforts into a full blown academy for everything Don-key and yield farming related.

Immediate Priorities

Before Don-key will release it’s referral system, the team’s immediate priorities are to implement the following four upgrades:

  1. An automatic bug detection system that will notify the team via the platform’s backend whenever issues present themselves to the community. This will help Don-key’s developers to more proactively solve issues as they occur.
  2. Second, the team is in the midst of implementing partial withdrawal, so that the community can enjoy more flexibility when investing in Don-key’s copy-farms.
  3. Going off of community feedback, the tier system will be restructured and improved to include LP providers of both ERC20 and BEP20 DON trading pairs.
  4. Pushing Don-key’s gamification, each tier now has a unique accompanying Don-key graphic. Soon too, tier names will be released as well as the first set of their specific platform benefits.

And last, Adding to Don-key’s family of copy farms, the team will soon roll out it’s first batch of Terra Luna and Arbitrum farming strategies. To fellow Terra Lunatics, especially, this is definitely exciting news!

On behalf of the team, thank you to the community for their continued support and for their excitement. We deeply appreciate your excitement for the referral system, and are working to ensure that the launch is as smooth as possible!

About Don-key Finance is building the first social trading platform for yield farming, bringing together liquidity providers and yield farmers alike. For this reason, the community refers to Don-key as the eToro of Yield Farming, which is a title the team embraces wholeheartedly.

The goal of the platform is to eliminate yield farming’s infamous complexity and replace it with a seamless retail experience, streamlined to offer the most profitable and adaptive product on the market.

With just one-click users can route their liquidity — in whichever token they chose — through professionally designed strategies that are updated to chase the highest available APY while minimizing risk.

Competitive Yield Farming is a full-time job; Don-key does it, so you don’t have to.

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social trading meets yield farming

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