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2 min readJun 2, 2021


As we continue to develop our Beta DAPP, we thought it is a good time to share with our community the future and utility for our $DON token.

One week into the Beta

We launched the Beta with 3 farmers and 7 more in the pipe. The first 24 hours were extremely exciting as we saw our community join and begin the one-click follow for the different farmers. We noticed users gaining profits on the chain however our checks also noticed excessive slippage on vfat strategy.

The team decided to send the delta amount of 21,000 BUSD to the strategy pool to cover the loss and pause the strategy for further testing. At the moment we improved the contracts and are going to finish testing and re-launch.

Soon after that we will launch our 4th strategy created by X21 group.

As we progress, we strive to always be where the yield is, therefore our next goal is to start implementing farmers on Matic network. This will give our users exposure to the current frontier of yield farming.
We are also looking to implement shield pools to provide a low APY with high level security, for our sloid investors.

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Next step is opening the DAPP to the public and counting the TVL go up. By this point we want to see more than a dozen farmers and at least 2 active chains. This is were the utility of $DON started to come into play.

$DON token

1) $DON holders will get discount on all fees in the DAPP including farmers success fee and platform fee.

2) All social features will be accessible to $DON holders only (chats, reviews, rank etc’).

3) Access to secret farmers.

4) Extra APY for long term followers — farming is for the patient, and we will encourage users to stake and follow for longer periods.

5) Lottery — 10% from Don-key’s total fee’s will be given away in a monthly lottery. Tickets to the lottery are determined based on the amount of $DON tokens.

6) $DON holders will receive random airdrop of Don-key’s unique NFT’s.

We are excited to be on this journey together with our community and are here to answer any questions, however we do encourage some patience when doing so.



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